Couples & Intimacy

Approach to therapy:

I work largely from a systemic framework. Each couple and their concerns are viewed as unique, whereas therapy is tailored to the specific needs, desires and goals of the clients. In addition, I utilize a comprehensive and integrated approach to therapy that emphasizes all the factors that contribute to the problem and how to remedy them.  I meet with each partner of a couple individually, at least once. We will conceptualize your concerns in the context of your current relationship, as well as other relationships, with the understanding that many problems are grounded in relationship patterns that aren’t working. I enjoy working collaboratively with couples to help determine their own understanding of themselves and their relationships with one another.

Much of the first few sessions will be spent getting to know each of you, gathering history and background information, listening to your concerns, and assessing the problem and the context in which the problem is embedded. Together, we will then collaborate to develop goals and objectives. Therapy will come to a close by mutual agreement between you and I when the desired outcome has been attained and/or you have achieved your goals.


Couples therapy and romantic relationships have become Jerri’s main focus and greatest area of expertise.

She treats couples experiencing challenges with:

  • infidelity
  • intimacy issues
  • sexual issues
  • communication issues
  • premarital issues
  • resentment issues
  • social and career issues
  • depression and anxiety
  • financial issues
  • parenting issues

Please contact Jerri for clarification or further information as the nature of her practice includes but is not limited to the above mentioned issues.

Intimacy & Sex Therapy:

Intimacy and sexual issues can be closely related issues. However, they are not one in the same and are sometimes treated separately. Because Jerri has expertise in both couples intimacy issues and sex therapy, she is skilled in determining the relationship and/or difference between intimacy and sexual issues.

Sex therapy focuses on the resolution of sexual problems and typically involves providing information and education, addressing attitudes and reducing performance anxiety, increasing communication and the effectiveness of sexual contact, and prescribing home-based assignments and exercises. Successful treatment may result in changes in behavior, awareness of past and present sex roles, and overall improvement in a romantic relationship.