We are all being vastly affected by this pandemic. Although it may feel as if our lives have come to a standstill, indeed they have not and we still need to push forward in any ways that we still can.

In addition to following all CDC recommendations for staying home when possible, social distancing, and consistent hand washing and sanitizing, here are some other recommendations to keep you and your loved ones mentally, emotionally, and physically well during this time.

~Stay informed of new information, but not obsessed with the media.

~Keep your days structured and keep up with your routines at home.

~Be creative and flexible when trying to improvise. Now, more than ever is the time to step out of your comfort zone.

~Reach out to love ones via phone or video.

~Spend time with your children and/or those you live with.

~Exercise daily. When possible go outside, do an online workout, do chores around the house.

~Engage in feasible home projects, like organizing and spring cleaning.

~Stay positive. Connect with your faith or your spiritual practice.

If you find yourself or your relationships struggling, please don’t isolate, but reach out to someone.

In the midst of this pandemic, I am offering video teletherapy. Please call or email, to determine if engaging in therapy could help and if teletherapy could be appropriate for your circumstances.